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The Exotic Sundown in Tanjung Gelam Beach Karimunjawa

The beauty of Karimunjawa Island is limitless. There are many lovely places that can be checked out. Not only uses tidy beaches, in the island located in the northwest of Jepara Regency, Central Java, site visitors can constantly see the gorgeous sundown which is so captivating. One of the very best places to check out the sunset is from Tanjung Gelam Coastline.

Tanjung Gelam Beach is on the primary island of Karimunjawa. It has a shape of cape with land extending right into the sea. With tidy white sand and also palm trees neatly lined up on the coastline, anyone that comes below is ensured to be hard not to love this beach.

You can sit while considering the unique scenic view accompanied by a soothing coastline wind. Additionally, the sea water is so clear with a blue green color that will undoubtedly revitalize your mind. recommends that you can also directly swim around the beach.

If you really feel not enough just being lazy on the beach, you can attempt to discover the underwater exoticism in this area by snorkeling or diving. But do not fail to remember, you need a diving license if intend to do scuba diving in Karimunjawa waters. If you don't have it, you can pick snorkeling. The underwater scenery is very fantastic.

The centers available in Tanjung Gelam beach area are likewise rather sufficient. There are a variety of food stalls that sell fish and shellfish cuisine, such as fish barbecues offered with coconut water. You can also take pleasure in snacks such as instantaneous noodles, young coconut ice, coffee and tea around the beach.

Usually, the tourists that pertain to Karimunjawa Islands make the Tanjung Gelam as their last location after full day scenic tour checking out Karimunjawa. Beside enjoying the common scenic view of the beach, waiting for the sundown right here is so thrilling. From the coastline, you can enjoy the sun gradually slipping into the western perspective, providing a golden orange glow that slowly fades and also becomes dark.

The setting of the coastline on the west side of the island does allow visitors to get an ideal location to catch the sunset and taste Makanan Khas Jawa Tengah. Get to of view will certainly not be blocked anything so you can easily enjoy the evening. Your range of vision will certainly not be obstructed so you can freely take pleasure in the evening. You can additionally take photos of the sunset while listening to the trend.

If you travel to this coastline one week after the Eid Al-Fitr, you can additionally view the Lomban Festival. This custom is a type of sea charity in addition to an expression of regional community gratitude for the true blessings they have been obtaining.

The accessibility to Tanjung Gelam Coastline is also very easy. You can choose to pass sea or land. All you need to understand, if you make use of the sea lane, you can not remain longer because the sea will trend during the night. Usually, your scenic tour will end around 6PM. Nonetheless, if you are not in rush, you can appreciate the trip by renting a land lorry such as a bike or cars and truck. You require about 20 minutes to 45 minutes if departing from Karimunjawa Square.

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